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Fashion Friday #16
Available from OhhDeer for a limited time only, as part of their competition.
Fashion Friday #15
Available from Ohh Deer for a limited time. (Also as a t-shirt and sweater)
 Now available from Ohh Deer for a limited time only!
Fashion Friday #14 Hair for Fridays that feel like Mondays.

Girl Glue zine - Issue #1 is ready!

Fresh from the printers and newly bound with white thread, we are happy to announce the first issue is all ready to inspire you. Thank you to all the wonderful female creatives that made this thing possible!

You can find your copy here

Here is the full description:

Girl Glue zine Issue #1!

Girl Glue zine was created to bring creative girls together in an on-going zine. The name suggests that girls should stick together through thick and thin!

The zine is so full of fresh, creative work that it’s bound to inspire you to pick up a pen.

This first issue is filled to the brim with lovely work by equally as lovely female creators. Comics by Donya Todd, Maddy Young and Andrea Innocent. Front cover art by Mais2, back cover art by Wish Candy. Detailed illustrations by Gemma Flack, Starchild Stela, Lindsay Campbell, Natali Martinez and more! (See below for the full contributors list)

Zine Details:
A5 size
Black and white inside
Pastel blue tint cover
Bound by sewn white thread
32 pages

Pin Details:
1 - 1/4 Inch (32mm)
Full colour

Contributor’s List:
Wish Candy
Jess Chen
Chelsea Navarro
Audrey Malo
Caitlin Chilton
Ana Genes
Allison Kim
Andrea Innocent
Bec Winnel
Anke Weckmann
Danielle “Knee” Estefan
Darcy Dubose
Noël Kalmus
Bonnie Eichelberger
Bonnie Hislop
Starchild Stela
Alia Griese
Cherie Buttons
Devon Smith
Electra Sinclair
Cathryn Virginia
Em Somerville
Katharine Pollock
Katharine Pollock
Hungry Designs
Donya Todd
Hannah Gartside
Emily Taylor
Erin Hunting
Em Somerville
Erica Fustero
Elka Tolhoek
Lee Anna Hahn
Hannah Gartside
Georgia Hill
Gemma Flack
Lindsay Campbell
Kelly Bastow
Lily Morrison
Jen Muir
Lizzi Morris
Mei Lenehan
Susanna Rose Sykes
Mel Macklin
Maddy Young
Monika Viktoria
Mylan Nguyen
Miss Paty
Rachel Sullivan
Nancy Mungcal
Victoria T.
Olga Noes
Natali Martinez
Sandy W.
Remy Zimmerman
Elaine Williams
Ranran Zhou
Sibylline Meynet
Maryam Alzaabi
Mel Stringer
Sian Song
Shana Stringer
Laura Powers
Torie Rose Wright
Fashion Friday #13
A big warm coat for this cold weather.
Fashion Friday #12
Fashion Friday #11 This week I drew Lindsay Degen, if you haven’t seen her amazing work yet, check it out here!

CAT HUG is now available at Society6 on a bunch of products.

It’s always a good time to hug a cat.
Fashion Friday #10
Fashion Friday #9
Fashion Friday #8